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The world's first hybrid solution for application delivery

From traditional architectures to cloud-native, Kubernetes, microservices and DevOps, our hybrid solutions fit any platform, any network, any scale. 

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What is Hybrid ADC?

Some ADCs are standalone and work best in self-hosted deployments running in virtual machines. Other ADCs are cloud-native and work best in cloud environments running in containers. But most of us have networks with a mixture of different architectures, or are transitioning from one architecture to another.

Snapt's hybrid ADC solution works anywhere and can scale to any size. Whatever the shape of your network today, and whatever your plans for tomorrow, Snapt will help you stay online, secure and fast.

From traditional architectures...

snapt-hybrid-adc-diagram-snapt-aria cloud-native, multi-location architectures.


Snapt Nova

Full-stack software ADCs served dynamically from Nova's centralized, scaleable, multi-location controller.

For DevOps, Developers and Infrastructure IT at companies embracing digital transformation and migrating workloads from legacy load balancers to a more modern app delivery fabric.

  • Full-stack ADC: load balancer, web accelerator, WAF and GSLB.
  • Centralized control: the Nova Cloud provides centralized deployment, configuration, reporting, monitoring, and more.
  • Multi-location: Nova ADCs can run in multiple locations and in any cloud, container or VM, simultaneously.
  • Hyperscale: scale to tens or thousands of nodes with near-zero latency. Automatically scale out / scale in as you need.
  • Cloud-native: designed for containers and microservices, with automated service discovery for Kubernetes, Consul, Docker, etc.
  • Machine-learning and AI: adapts to your network to predict and overcome bottlenecks, failures and threats.

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Snapt Aria

Full-featured, high-performance software ADC: load balancer, web accelerator, WAF and GSLB.

For companies that need traditional ADCs with flexible licensing and capacity, whatever their clouds, platforms, locations and budgets.

  • Full-stack ADC: load balancer, web accelerator, WAF and GSLB.
  • Performance: 100,000+ Layer 7 HTTP requests per second and over 10,000 SSL TPS.
  • High Availability: redundancy included as standard on most licenses.
  • Acceleration: improve page load by 50-80%, provide A+ SSL and PageSpeed ratings.
  • Security: DoS prevention, Layer 7 HTTP/S firewalling, blacklisting and whitelisting, geographic rulesets.
  • Observability: advanced persistence, health checks and reporting.
  • Lightweight: requires a single processor and 2GB of memory to perform at gigabit speeds.
  • Value and Support: more features and full technical support included as standard, and lowest cost per request.

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Documents, reference and education from the leaders in ADC.

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Calling all Developers

Snapt's hybrid ADC solution is built for developers. Check out our APIs to see what you can do with Snapt.

Snapt Aria APISnapt Nova API


Why Snapt?

ADCs for today and tomorrow

Snapt software load balancers run on any platform, VM, cloud or container (inc. Kubernetes).

Everything you need in one license

Virtual load balancer, web accelerator, WAF, GSLB and full support.

Ease-of-use and self-service

Snapt's load balancers and ADCs are quick to deploy and set up. Easily spin-up new instances using wizards or automation.

No more over-provisioning

On-demand and flexible pricing. Pay for what you need, and nothing extra.

Great technical support, anytime

Fantastic 24/7/365 support on all product tiers. Snapt has the fastest support response time in the industry.

We grow with your business

Snapt's ADCs meet the needs of startups getting their first load balancer to global enterprises requiring thousands of nodes.

We love our customers


Response times from the customer service team were under five minutes.

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